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Job Title:
Accounting & Finance Manager
Job Type:
Closing Date:
November 8, 2019

1. Preparing procedures relating to Accounting and Finance and Asset management

– Preparing payment procedures; advance procedures; make an update for payment procedures following actual situation/ management requirements that under regulations of VN legal and TH group

– Preparing purchase procedure before recruiting Purchase manager

– Corporating with Admin to produce Asset management procedure; Warehouse management process

2. Giving comments on other procedures which prepared by other Departments of TH school/ IE Co

3. Making Job descriptions for each position in the Finance and Accounting Department

– Making job requirements/ report requirements of each position

– Guiding job performance for each position; answering and solving problems arising

4. In charge of the trust of Finance and Accounting figures

– Checking documents of payment requests

– Checking loan capital proposal and disbursement proposal

– Checking accounting figures, data, documents that produced by accounting Dept

– Checking and controlling records in accounting books

– Checking finance report and other accounting or finance report made by Accountants

– Keeping inventories activities regularly under the regulation for assets in TH school and Company

5. Reminding; checking; solving troubles arising

– Reminding accountants to complete jobs and commissions

– Answering, solving problem or troubles arising relating to accounting or finance

6. Reviewing and giving comments for draft contracts (if any & more focus on payment term)

7. Setting regulation for filing accounting documents; recording accounting figures

– Making regulation; guiding performance for filing accounting documents under the regulation of VN law and TH group

– Setting up regulations for customer code; supplier code; asset code; inventory code;…

– Making regulation in numbering accounting documents

8. Updating regularly new regulations in tax and accounting from MOF

– Regularly updating new regulation relating tax and accounting and other legal topics

– Guiding or assisting accountants to update new regulations relating tax and accounting

– Guiding accountants to record figures into accounting book and do bookkeeping

– Proposing appropriate training courses for staffs of finance and accounting department to improve job quality of accounting Dept

9. Capital

– In charge of capital topic for Th school/ IE company

– Calculating business plan to support to get loan capital/ equity

10. Finance jobs

– Checking budget made by departments/ divisions; propose an adjusted budget for each Dept/ divisions and make budget compilation for the whole school; the whole company

– Calculating/making business plan report for TH school and calculating break-even point (encouraged job)

– Making business analysis report (encouraged job)

– Guiding and checking other finance jobs/ reports prepared by staffs

11. Being the Chief accountant for project investment activities

– In charge and following up accounting jobs of investment activities

12. Other jobs

– In charge of and performing other jobs under BOD’ s requirement relating to accounting and finance

Candidate Qualification:


– Vietnamese nationality

– Bachelor degrees or higher in Accounting or Finance

– Having good knowledge of Vietnam accounting standards

– Knowledgeable and regularly updating VN government regulations of tax and accounting


– Good at English in 4 skills
– Good at Computer skills and office computer software
– Good management skill
– Ability to work under stressful conditions
– Good communication skill
– Hard-working, careful, enthusiastic and high-level responsibility in the job
– Report and synthesis skills


– Good behavior and respective attitude with colleagues; customers; partners; students

Candidate Experience:

– At least 5 years of experiences working at the same position


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